Does Ceramic Coating Make Your Car’s Paint More Resistant to Swirl Marks? 

Ceramic coating is one of the hottest trends in the car care industry. It’s a silica-based liquid polymer that’s applied by hand to your vehicle’s paint and clear coat, then cures to form a hard shell of protection. The slick surface makes it almost impossible for water, dirt, and other contaminants to stick, so they rinse off with ease. It also protects against harmful UV rays, chemicals, and oxidation. 

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While ceramic coating does make your car’s paint more resistant to swirl marks, it is not a magic bullet that can protect against every type of damage. There will still be times that a stone will chip your paint, or a rogue shopping cart will dent your fender. Regardless of how you wash your car, it is likely to get some scratches and swirls from other drivers on the road, no matter how careful you are. 

A lot of people see videos online of people rubbing their car with ceramic coating and claiming that it’s scratch-proof. Some think that the videos are staged, while others assume that ceramic coating can’t work for real because the products available on the market are so diluted. 

Ceramic coating does provide a level of protection that is higher than waxes and sealants, but it is not “scratch-proof.” Even the best professional-grade ceramic coatings will not prevent you from getting swirl marks if you use improper washing techniques. However, you can significantly reduce the chance of getting them by using microfiber towels and rinsing your vehicle after each wash. Moreover, you should avoid automatic car washes as they can be a haven for swirl marks. 

Most automotive ceramic coatings have a hardness rating of 3H or 9H. A 9H coating is slightly harder than a bare clear coat, but not enough to eliminate the possibility of scratching. There are some ceramic coatings that have a 10H hardness rating, but they are rarer and more expensive. Even a 9H coating can be scratched, however, if you’re not careful when washing your car. 

There are a few things that can cause swirl marks on ceramic coated cars: improper drying after washing, the use of dirty or old towels or mitts, and poor wash technique. Those things will not cause any damage to your ceramic coating, but they can cause swirl marks and other types of paint damage. 

As you can see, ceramic coating will significantly improve your car’s paint protection. It will help keep your car cleaner, more beautiful, and easier to maintain. It’s a great investment in your car, and it will last for years. However, you should still follow safe wash practices and use a high-quality car wax for additional sheen and protection. If you’re interested in having your vehicle protected by a ceramic coating, contact us for more information about the process and our selection of pro-grade products from brands like Modesta, Nanolex, CQuartz, and IGL Kenzo. We can schedule a detailer to apply the product, or you can purchase one of our do-it-yourself kits.