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Likely, your car’s inside will eventually become dirty and stained, regardless of how careful you are with it. While having stains on your floor mats or chairs is annoying, it is not the end of the world. Even the worst stains can be readily removed from your car’s interior. Simply bringing your vehicle to an auto detailer is all that is required. Auto detailers will be able to get rid of stubborn stains and restore the smell and appearance of your interior to how it was when you first got your automobile.

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In this article, we’ll go over in depth what vehicle detailers do to deal with stubborn stains. This is merely to give you a general sense of what happens to your interior when you bring it to an auto detailer; Obviously, every detailer is different, and some may conduct stain removal differently than others.

“Almost always, vigorous soaping and steam cleaning will remove any stains.”


When faced with stubborn stains, a detailer will start by cleaning the interior with soap. Detailers won’t just use normal soap anymore. They will substitute specialized extractor soap instead. For those unfamiliar, extractor soap is a unique form of soap designed specifically for use in car interiors. The soap starts dissolving stains as soon as it penetrates the material of the carpet and seats. Grease, oil, food, coffee, and any other difficult stains you can think of may all be removed with this method. Although the soap is potent, unlike some other high-intensity soaps, it won’t harm the materials in your automobile’s interior.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaners are frequently used by auto detailers to remove stains. We won’t go into detail about how steam cleaning operates as everyone is aware of it. Steam cleaning is crucial even though it cannot completely remove stains. Steam cleaning accomplishes two key tasks. In the first place, it starts to dissolve the stains. Second, the steam assists in bringing the stains closer to the surface, which facilitates their removal. Almost always, thorough soaping followed by steam cleaning is sufficient to remove any stains.

Regular monthly detailing

Not every time your automobile needs stains removed should you take it to an auto detailer. Make it a routine to have your automobile detailed at least once every month. Since the aforementioned methods are only required to remove severe stains, the detailers will probably not be as thorough when you bring your car in for its monthly detail, but they will still thoroughly clean the interior.

You might be tempted to clean up spills in your automobile by yourself. Even though you may purchase all the same products and equipment that auto detailers use, it is still advised that you leave stain removal to the experts. It is best to leave big stains on a car’s interior to the specialists because doing so takes a lot of time.

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