Cars like other vehicles and items kept outdoors will become dirty quickly. A large number of car owners do not have the inclination, time and space to wash their car manually. Hence many car owners are considering opting for automatic car washing since it is quick and inexpensive compared to other car wash options. However, they are worried that the car will develop scratches if they choose automatic washing for their car. However, there are different types of automatic car washes, so the car wash may or may not scratch the car depending on the exact technique which is used. So the car owner should find out the exact design of the car wash, before taking a decision. Is it better to hand wash your car?

Car washes with brushes

A majority of automated car washes are using brushes for cleaning the cars, removing the dirt or dust particles on the car. The brushes used usually will have hard bristles since they are more durable and effective for cleaning. Usually, more pressure is required for cleaning the car surface with car brushes. So in addition to removing the dirt on the car, the brush will also remove the paint on the car, scratch the car. Depending on the frequency of automatic washing, the size of the scratches will vary.

Since automated washes are inexpensive, they are washing a large number of cars daily. After each car is washed, some of the dirt and debris is likely to adhere to the car surface. Usually, due to a large number of cars being washed, the car wash owner does not have the time to wash each brush properly after a car has been washed. So the car brush may contain dirt, debris from the previous cars washed at the car wash. This dirt, debris in the brushes could cause scratches on the surface of the car being washed.

Car washes with a soft cloth

Since it is observed that brushes can scratch the car paint at automatic washes, some car washes are opting for soft cloths to replace the brushes for removing the dirt. Usually, microfiber cloth is used instead of the brush. However, like the brushes, the cloth is also not cleaned thoroughly after a car is washed at the automatic wash. So like the brush, the cloth may also be covered with dirt, debris, sand, and other abrasive material. This material in the cloth will also scratch the car paint. Additionally, there is a risk that the cleaning cloth can get entangled in the car part, and torn off.

Contactless car washes

Realizing that the car scratches are a major concern for the car owner, some car washes are offering car washing without a brush or cloth. A high-pressure jet of water is used for cleaning the car to remove the dirt, and this method is safer when compared to other car cleaning techniques. However, all the dirt may not be removed from the car surface using these methods. Some car washes are also using harsh chemicals for cleaning the cars, which can damage the car in the long term. So this method should not be used regularly.