What Is Included in Car Detailing? 

Car detailing is a thorough cleaning and reconditioning process. This is done to keep your vehicle in good condition and to increase its resale value. It also improves the lifespan of your vehicle. The process includes a variety of steps, including decontamination, light cosmetic touch-ups, and polishing. These steps are performed by professional detailers. 

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Decontamination involves the removal of dirt, oil, and other substances from the vehicle’s surfaces. This process usually involves using specialized hot water extraction equipment. After a detailed cleaning, your car will look clean and shiny. 

Aside from the surface cleaning, detailing will also remove contaminants from the engine bay and other parts of the vehicle. For example, if you have sticky brake dust on your alloy wheels, the detailer will use special cleaners to remove them. In addition, the engine bay will be sprayed with a degreaser. 

Once the surface is free of stains and contaminants, a protective layer will be applied. This may include a ceramic coating. Such a coating will create a mirror-like finish and provide up to five years of protection. However, this process requires a lot of preparation and skill. 

Paint enhancement packages are also available. These can be as simple as a single stage or as complex as several stages. While these packages can vary in cost, they all have a similar goal. They can help correct paint flaws or create a gloss or mirror-like finish. 

Other services provided by auto detailing shops include door jamb cleaning, air vent cleaning, and seat belt cleaning. Some of these services are offered at a lower cost, but the customer should be careful to find out what the details are before committing to a particular service. If you don’t know the details, you might end up with a car that’s ruined. 

You should also check the detailer’s warranty. There are reputable businesses that will stand behind their work. Typically, a three-year warranty is given to qualified vehicles. That is a good sign that the detailer will do a quality job. 

Another benefit of auto detailing is that it will make your car appear attractive. Whether you’re selling or trading your car, you’ll want to maintain its resale value. By getting your vehicle professionally detailed, you can ensure that it looks like it did the day you bought it. 

When you’re looking for a car detailer, be sure to ask about the breakdown of the costs. Some services will have variable pricing, while others will be based on the size of the vehicle and the time they need to spend on it. 

When you’re choosing an auto detailer, be sure to find out whether he or she will be cleaning your vehicle by hand. Most detailers will use a rotary machine polisher. This is the best way to achieve a perfect shine on your vehicle. 

To get a better idea of the costs, you should compare the prices of different companies. Make sure the price is reasonable and that the company will offer a quality service.