Can Ceramic Coating Make Your Car More Resistant to Water Spots? 

A ceramic coating is a great way to protect your vehicle’s paint job. It can help your car keep its showroom sheen for a longer period of time, as it’s more resistant to rock chips, small scratches, staining, and UV ray damage. You may also notice a reduction in the number of water spots on your vehicle. Ceramic coating has a unique hydrophobic property that makes it easier to wash your car and repels dirt, dust, tree sap, and bird poo. It’s not completely water spot proof though, so it’s still important to maintain your ceramic coating with regular cleaning and proper washing techniques. 

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Ceramic coating is a semi-permanent bond with your car’s paint, glass, or plastic. It’s not an indestructible coat of armor, but it will last a long time if properly cared for and maintained by you and your Lexington, NC auto detailer. However, even the hardest 9H-rated ceramic coating will eventually wear down to the point where it needs to be stripped and reapplied by a professional. 

If you’re considering ceramic coating your car, it’s a good idea to consider your budget first. A professional ceramic coating application typically costs several hundred dollars, but DIY consumer kits are becoming more common and are a less expensive option. However, these kits often have mixed reviews and require a lot of practice to learn how to properly apply them. 

Another factor to consider is how much your car will need to be corrected before you can receive a ceramic coating application. If your car has a lot of swirl marks, scuffs, or other defects, you’ll need to correct them before you can get a ceramic coating applied. Otherwise, the coating will just lock in those scratches and amplify them. 

If your car is in pristine condition, you’ll likely find that ceramic coating can save you a lot of money on repairs and maintenance in the future. In fact, it’s probably worth the investment even if you just plan on keeping your current car for two or three years. However, if you’re planning on selling your vehicle in the near future or looking to buy a classic or collector’s edition car, it’s definitely a good idea to get ceramic coating. 

A professional ceramic coating will give your car a showroom shine and preserve it for a long time. It can also decrease the amount of time and money you spend on waxing your vehicle. You’ll also have to wash your vehicle a little bit less frequently, as ceramic coating can repel dirt, water, and bird poop. If you have a ceramic coating on your vehicle, be sure to use a high-quality microfiber drying towel with a terry cloth design and a 70/30 blend of polyester and polyamide. This will help to avoid the scratching that a rougher towel can cause on your paint. A high-quality towel will also be more effective at removing any remaining water spots.