Does Ceramic Coating Make Your Car’s Paint More Resistant to Brake Dust and Dirt? 

Buying and maintaining an automobile is a significant investment, one that many people consider their second largest expense next to buying a home. But if your car is not properly protected from the elements, you could be looking at more than just an expensive bill for repairs and maintenance. Dirt, water spots and other debris that can cause damage to the paint job will also reduce your vehicle’s resale value. Ceramic coating is a good option to help prevent these damages. But it is not a cure-all that can protect your vehicle from all possible issues. 

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The main thing that ceramic coating does is significantly reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to clean your vehicle. Because the surface becomes hydrophobic, contaminants such as bird poop, bugs, tree sap, road salt, dirt and other chemicals can no longer bond to your paint. Instead, they simply bead up and roll off the vehicle. 

In addition, ceramic coatings protect your vehicle from harmful UV rays. This is important because exposure to UV rays can cause your car’s paint to fade and oxidize, reducing its color and shine. The coating acts as a barrier to these damaging rays and helps keep your paint looking vibrant for years to come. 

But this does not mean that you should ignore your vehicle or think that it is “bullet proof.” It is still vulnerable to scratches, swirl marks and other minor imperfections that can be caused by everyday driving. And ceramic coating does not offer protection against rock chips, which is something that can be better prevented with a clear bra or paint protection film. 

If you are considering having ceramic coating applied to your vehicle, make sure that you only work with a certified installer. The quality of the product will be greatly impacted by how skillful the installer is in correcting and prepping the vehicle’s surfaces before the ceramic is applied. It is not uncommon for less experienced detailers to use an over the counter product that is advertised as a ceramic coating, but which actually only offers a temporary sealant. 

A true ceramic coating should be sprayed on to small areas at a time and then buffed into the surface using a soft microfiber towel. Once the application is complete, it will create a hard shell over your vehicle that will not only look like new but will last for three years or more in most cases with proper maintenance.