How do you detail a brand new car?

Nothing sparkles quite like a brand new car. You got your dream car from the dealer, and now you're passionate about keeping it looking new for as long as possible. It's almost unthinkable that a new car is actually not clean. Here's why detailing is needed even for new cars. Benefits of car detailing As part of routine vehicle maintenance, interior and exterior detailing protect your car's value. Also,

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Which Type of Car Wash is Best for Your Finish?

There is no one way to wash a car and that is why it is important to look into what type of car wash is best. While there are a variety of ways to wash your car, some are unsuitable for getting the job done. There are pros and cons to everything and the same applies to car washing. The purpose of this article then is to determine the

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Will detailing remove scratches from my car?

Unfortunately, it won't. The normal car detailing package includes only cleaning your car. but a car detailing shop will actually be able to remove those scratches for you. After all, they are professionals and equipped with specialist tools, they would be able to do a lot just simply cleaning your car. However, make sure to inquire with them about it and explain it clearly to make sure there will

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How do you clean a dirty car interior?

Car interiors can easily attract dirt and bacteria, especially if you're not constantly cleaning your car. Cleaning the interior of your car is as important, if not more, as cleaning the exterior of it. Maintaining your car cleaned increases its value, plus, it'll make you feel good whenever you go for a drive. Cleaning the entire interior of your car can take a while, but once you have a

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How to Care for Vinyl Leather?

Vinyl leather is a versatile material used as an alternative for authentic leather. It is a stylish yet durable material choice for clothing, footwear, bags, furniture, and more. Caring for your vinyl leather is important to keep its original texture and for it to last longer. Here are the four (4) easy ways that you can do to keep your faux leather shiny and functional. Dust Regularly Regular dusting

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How do I keep my car shiny?

Car Polish vs. Wax Certainly, we always want to keep the paint on our cars as it was the first day we acquired the car. But the reality is different. Environmental conditions and the constant use make the good condition and appearance of the paint deteriorate. So if you want to keep your car shiny, you should follow these tips. Do not use dry wipes It's frequent that shortly

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