The Different Types Of Car Washes

Like other vehicles, car owners are keeping their cars outdoors for long periods. The car will also travel long distances so will be covered with dust and dirt. If the car is not washed regularly it will adversely affect the appearance of the car and in some cases, the resale value of the car will also decrease. Car owners who wish to wash their car, have multiple options available

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12 Surprising Things that Damage Car Paint

What can damage car paint? Cars come in many different colors. There is also a myth that the color of your vehicle determines the amount of money you pay for insurance. Your car paint can be a statement piece, but it has no implications on your insurance premium. However, the color of your car does have an impact on your resale value. A vehicle becomes devalued because it was

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How To Prevent Scratches And Swirls On A Black Car

Admit it! There is something unique and mysterious about black cars, not just because the black color enhances the basic features of the vehicle but also because it creates a unique illusion in which a car seems much larger than it is. While owning a black car might sound appealing, keeping it free from scratches and swirls might be a little tedious and will take some extra work, so

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How to clean car seats with household products?

Cleaning with household items may not be an easy task always. At present, you can find several cleaning lotions in the market to alleviate the difficulties in cleaning. Here, we are going to find some of the natural ways to make our cleaning effortless in daily life. Many of us used to clean our car by ourselves? How can we use natural products to clean the car? Let's see

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Car Water Spot Removal Made Simple

Having water marks or spots on your car can mar the look of the paint job. While it seems as if those little oval circles will disappear the moment, you get a wet cloth and wipe it, it won't. Unfortunately, the moment you do that, and the car is dry; the marks will return. However, it's not the end of the world because you can use simple products at

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How do you detail a white car?

So, you've done it, you've purchased that nice, shiny white car from the dealership lot, or maybe you have purchased a used white car from a friend, and you are wondering how to make it look new again. Detailing a white car can be somewhat of a daunting task, white cars just simply do not look good when they are not shining. But you shouldn't stray away from purchasing

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