What is the best time to wash a car?

Most experts will recommend you wash your car every two weeks. It is a low-cost way of avoiding any damage to the paintwork and it can also help you keep your car's resale value. You might also be looking to give your car a fresh look and that is essentially what car washes are for. Hand washing your car is the guaranteed way to make your car look almost

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Which is better: wax or ceramic coating?

If you own a vehicle, then you understandably want to do your best to keep it running and looking its best daily. That's why so many people seriously consider waxing their vehicles. That's also why just as many contemplate perhaps going for ceramic coating. If you're serious about doing the appearance of your vehicle a huge favor, then you should first make sure that you grasp the differences between

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How often should you wash your car undercarriage?

Vehicle maintenance is without a doubt a big deal. It can be a joy to drive around in a car that looks flawless and inviting. Beyond that, maintaining a clean and immaculate car can even contribute to safety and health. If you want to keep your vehicle in optimal condition, you should make a point to wash its undercarriage on a routine basis. It isn't uncommon for the car

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What is the best cleaner for a car dashboard?

In this world we live in today, cars have been the epitome of the evolution of humanity and traveling. Together, we as human beings are learning to experience life with motor vehicles. Having ownership of a vehicle that is suitable to one's preference, gives the owning individual responsibilities that they must tend to instead of consciously or unconsciously straying away from them. This is simple, in regards to proper

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How do I clean the plastic inside my car?

When cleaning your car, it is important to spend some time focusing on the interior details as well as those of the exterior. To ensure that the car's interior appears presentable, you need to pay particular attention to the plastic. Plastic, especially that found around the front seats and doors, can get dirty very quickly. Dirt will begin to accumulate on the plastic as the driver and passengers lean

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How often should cars be washed?

A vehicle is one of the biggest investments a person can make in their lifetime. While most car owners regularly get the oil changed, rotate the tires, and replace the brake pads, they do not realize that washing the vehicle is also an important part of maintenance. In most cases, a car will get washed when it has a layer of dust or when bird droppings built up on

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