How to Perform Auto Detailing on the Exterior of Your Car 

Auto detailing is an important process that can improve the appearance and resale value of your car. The process involves several steps, including washing and polishing the exterior of the vehicle, as well as protecting the finish. You should complete a full exterior detail at least a couple of times a year to maintain the quality and condition of your vehicle. It is best to choose an auto detailing company that will provide this service for you. These companies often offer packages, which can help to minimize the time required for the process. 

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A full exterior detail should include a decontamination phase. This step is necessary to remove the contaminants embedded in the paint. Using a clay bar is one way to accomplish this task. Clay bars are made in small pieces, which makes them easier to handle. 

Once the surface is clean, you should apply a paint protection product to protect it. Paint sealants are available in liquid, paste, and spray forms. They are designed to protect the paint from water and air. For maximum protection, you should use a wax that offers long-lasting coverage. To apply it, you should use a damp applicator pad. Make sure to allow the wax to dry completely before removing it. 

A full exterior detail may also include paint correction. This process enables you to remove swirl marks, etching, and scratches. Additionally, it can make the paint look more pristine. Advanced detailing methods might include applying a shielding paint sealant to the entire vehicle, which provides a protective barrier to withstand weather and road salt. 

When you are choosing a paint protection product, make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions. Some products contain harsh chemicals, so it’s a good idea to read the directions closely. If you don’t follow the instructions, you could end up with an uneven paint finish. 

Before attempting to wash your car, it’s best to prepare the surface by vacuuming. This will prevent the smearing of dirt and contamination onto your freshly cleaned paint. As you wash the surface, you should work on one area at a time. After the wash phase, you should repeat the process on each body panel. 

In addition to using the same soap mixture on the exterior of your car as you do on the interior, it’s important to make sure that you rinse the exterior thoroughly. Rinsing your tires is also very important, as this will prevent contamination. Alternatively, you can use a wheel cleaner or degreaser to get the wheels and tire wells looking great. 

You can apply the same product to the bumpers and mirrors of your car. Car shampoo is also a great product to use in these areas. If your paint is particularly dirty, you might want to take the extra time to apply paste wax. However, paste wax is more difficult to apply than liquid wax, so you will need to spend more time cleaning the paint. 

Depending on your budget and the type of vehicle you have, you can purchase a variety of exterior detailing supplies. Most of the items you need to do the job can be found at your local auto parts store or at home.