What can damage car paint?

Cars come in many different colors. There is also a myth that the color of your vehicle determines the amount of money you pay for insurance. Your car paint can be a statement piece, but it has no implications on your insurance premium. However, the color of your car does have an impact on your resale value. A vehicle becomes devalued because it was repainted due to damage.

What can damage car paint? The following are twelve surprising things that can damage car paint:

1. Coffee

Coffee has a pH balance of 5, which makes it an acidic beverage. If coffee spills on your car and is not cleaned up immediately, it will remove the paint’s protective film.

2. Tree Sap

Do not park your car under a tree because the tree sap will damage your paint. Tree sap contains a mixture of sugar and minerals that will remove the protective layer of your car paint if left on for too long. Tree sap is extremely difficult to remove, but the longer it stays on the car, the more damage it can do.

3. Soda

Like coffee, soda is an acidic beverage that can damage your car paint if it is not removed immediately.

4. Bird Droppings

Most birds that can fly do not drink a lot of water because it weighs them down. The lack of water causes their droppings to be very acidic. Wet bird poop is easier to clean and will not cause any damage.

5. Gasoline

Gasoline goes inside a car, but once it touches the outside, it can damage your car paint. Once the gas dries, it will leave a stain that can be hard to remove.

6. The Sun

While lying in the sun can be relaxing, prolonged exposure can damage your car paint. The ultraviolet rays from the sun cause the car paint to heat up and crack and fade.

7. Insects

The body fluids of some insects are sometimes acidic and can damage your car paint if not cleaned up over time.

8. Brake Fluid

Brake fluids that are not silicone-based should be cleaned immediately to prevent your car paint from being damaged. Several brake fluids are acidic and will peel your car paint.

9. Shoe Polish

Shoe polish can stain your car and may require a specialized cleaner to remove it. Once shoe polish dries, it will be hard to get rid of and will damage your car paint.

10. Dust

Dust consists of finely ground rocks or particles that can scrape your car paint if not removed properly. Use a wet rag to clean off dust without causing damage.

11. Wood Ash

Wood ash will not damage your car paint on its own. Wood ash mixed with water creates a chemical reaction that will cause damage to your car paint.

12. Gravel

Driving over gravel or rock will damage your car paint. The tires kick back the stone, causing it to scrape the car paint.

Keep your car in an enclosed area to prevent these things from causing damage to your car paint. Clean your vehicles as often as possible with a soft, clean rag and apply wax to give them an additional protective layer.